Free short stories to read


I know: you are searching for great short stories of your preferred genre, by reliable authors, both modern and classic, of good quality, to make you spend a great time, without complications and absolutely for free. No subscription or app to download. You are searching for stories that make you dream, think and at the same time feel good. And you want them shown in a pleasant way and easy to pick, as in the bookshop.

Maybe you think you’re asking too much? Not at all. And if you go on reading this article I will show you why. So take two minutes for you and get confortable.
We are going to list the best websites that offer a great deal of short stories to read for free, starting from our “Short Stories & Great Fiction” page at

“Short Stories & Great Fiction”

This page is, according to many, among the best nowadays. There you can find all the previously said attributes plus some other interesting features:

– all the stories are shown in their original paper and layout. This means that they retain all the fashion of the time in which they were published, so no more cold digital texts, but warm and attractive pages just like in a book:

pulp short story printed page
-you can select your preferred genre:

short stories genres

-or directly surf through the list:

list of short stories to read

This way it’s really easy and fast to find a story to read.

-our site uses the PDF Viewer provided by Google, the best in easiness and detailed view. Here you can take a look at one of the titles in the “Short Stories & Great Fiction” page:


By Arthur Conan Doyle
From “Strand Magazine”, July 1891/June 1892


– you can read the stories directly or download and read them later. The choice is yours.

– the number of works is expanding on a monthly basis, so expect to find more and more titles over time.

-you can ask for a specific story, or author, simply by writing at our email and we will try to put it, or him, in the list.

And all this is:
– completely free
– no subscriptions
– no apps to download.


OTHER SITES offering short stories


Freeditorial publishing house

The Freeditorial site ( offers more than 50000 titles to read for free, the main page is rationally developed and the titles are easy to find. You can choose to read them online or download them.

The short story publishing

A good list of classics is available at . All the authors are listed in alphabetical order with their selected work. To read them you have to download them.

Other classical tales of renowned authors (Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe, Andersen among others), plus a selection of traditional fables you can find at No download, the titles are readable online and are printer friendly.

Monkey pen

New stories for children are available for free at Only download. Interestingly, this site offers the chance to add a pic of your child and get a personalised book with him/her as protagonist.

Book bub

Contemporary works you can find at for free. You just have to follow the link to separate sites (all of good level) and subscribe.

That’s all. Enjoy your reading and have a good time!