Reading free stories online, today, is quite simple. Multiple sites offer a lot of stories of all sort and quality. As we love to do our part, so we too offer a great selection of stories to read totally for free and also in an interesting way. In fact, within our site you can:


Select the genre you prefer

You can do it simply by choosing a vintage magazine in our list. Each periodical specializes in his own genre: Romance, Mystery, Crime, Adventure, Science Fiction, Horror, Paranormal, Western, Oriental and many others. These stories magazines contain only great narrative in any form, you only have to pick up your preferred genre and start to read.












Find great authors

All the free stories to read are written by famous and renowned authors, so it’ll be hard to be disappointed. The great diffusion at the time of their pubblication guarantees for their quality and ability to make excitement and immersion.

Read the stories in their original printings

Burying oneself in a narration printed on the pulp format is a great experience for many reasons: first of all, the text over the yellowish pulp background is very relaxing and pleasant for the eye, secondly there are no cross-references, videos, ads or links to distract you (just plain text like in a book), thirdly the layout itself is aesthetically appealing. Not to mention the “sense of time” the pages inspire to the reader.


free stories to read


Read online or download them

You can also directly read the stories or download them and enjoy them later.
PLUS: The Short Stories & Great Fiction page offers a great list of stories you can read directly without browse the magazines.

Finally, in our Home Page you will find, on the right, a list of audiobooks, so if you wish you can just listen to the story. There’s no subscription account and no login, only enjoying free and great stories: a timeless reading pleasure awaits you at


free stories to read