• Ace High - March, 1937
  • Detective Fiction - August, 1940
  • Dime Mystery - April, 1949
  • Rulers Of The Future
  • Ghost Stories - January, 1927
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  • The Diamond Lens
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Welcome to pulpmagazines.org, the place for all fans of reading and excitement. Within this site you will find a lot of juicy features, starting with a great list of pulp magazines all free to read or download. On the right side you can find a cool list of pulp magazines for sale, a periodically renovated pulp story audio book, a monthly issue of a selected original pulp magazine and special background music listed by literary genre. Also a series of articles (listed by two main themes: Useful Tips for Fans and Pulp Authors and Curiosities), the Covers section, which aims to show the best vintage pulp covers selected by genre and by year, and (special mention) our new Pulp Movie section, which every week aims to offer a vintage film ascribed to the pulp category.

We hope you’ll enjoy visiting us and have a great time. If you wish to share our common passion for reading, literature in general, plots, authors etc…feel free to chime in. Write your opinion or question in the Comment Space below or in the Skype Chat above, and we will be more than happy to respond in the next 24 hours.

All the best, your staff.


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