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Difficulties inherent to our operating system have caused a slight slowdown in the growth of Pulpmagazines.org this month, which however has seen the addition of:



We added the crime magazine TRUE DETECTIVE MYSTERIES, our first 5 issues from 1925 to 1956, in the Pulp Magazines To Read page.
Also, the gorgeous SPICY MYSTERY STORIES is scheduled for April.


Magazine coming in April 2024.



Our collection of restored pulp covers is now enriched with 5 additional front pages, 2 Western (1931 and 1932) and 3 Horror (from 1935 to 1947).


FANTASTIC ADVENTURES, issue of September 1947.



We have always loved the great CAPTAIN MARVEL, the original Fawcett Comics character born in 1939. Some issues are already in our Old Comics section, and others are on the way.
A curiosity of the time probably arose from the protests that emerged in families from female members, which pushed for the appearance of a new character who in some way rebalanced the blatant gender disproportion; thus was born a superheroine destined to make history: MARY MARVEL, sister of the most famous captain! She possessed all the characteristics of her famous brother, but to these she added a good dose of cheekiness and energy, as anyone who has been lucky enough to read about her adventures can attest.


MARY MARVEL - First issue, December 1945
MARY MARVEL first issue, December 1945.

Where does Pulpmagazines.org fit into all this?
As is customary on our site we offer the covers in their best version, restored in every detail, and sometimes, if the conditions of the material available require it, even some internal pages are restored.
The problem with the editions of MARY MARVEL available online is that the copies were transferred, presumably in the 70s or 80s, onto microfilm, which does not imply the highest quality; what makes things worse is the fact that the images are badly darkened due, probably, to excessive exposure to sunlight. The restoration process is therefore more laborious and, above all, much longer as it involves the restoration of every single page that makes up each issue.


restoring mary marvel
Page 9 of the first issue of MARY MARVEL before and after the restoration.


However, we invite you to stay calm and avoid going to your psychoanalyst: our superheroine will soon see the light on Pulpmagazines.org in her best form within the month of May or even this month. We promise you!

We are also working on the restoration of the classic PLANET COMICS, the first issue of which you can read below (January 1940):


PLANET COMICS - First issue, January 1940
PLANET COMICS, first issue, January 1940.


Finally, our list of comics now includes:

BLUE BOLT, 5 issues from 1940 to 1943;
ATOM-AGE COMBAT, 5 issues from 1952 to 1953;
CAPTAIN JUSTICE (the Australian western character, not to be confused with the Marvel comics superhero of the same name), 2 issues from 1956 and 1963, and the circus themed
BIG TOP COMICS, the only 2 issues released in 1951.

That’s all, for now.
We hope to resolve our technical obstacles quickly so that we can add even more material each month in the near future.

Stay tuned on:





Davide Dana.

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