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Great news on pulpmagazines.org: ever felt the need to have a chat with friends who share the same passion as you from anywhere in the world? To talk about literature, comics, films and everything that has to do with the world of pulp? Or even everything that crosses your mind?
The answer offered by our site is located right at the bottom of each page: Pulp Chat!
From now on you can get all this. Just remember:

1) what you write will remain online for 24 hours, after which it will be automatically deleted.
2) inappropriate language will be replaced by an asterisk. At the third asterisk the user will no longer be able to enter the chat for the next 24 hours.

Good fun!



As promised we have added the supernatural magazine MYSTIC in the Pulp Magazines To Read page, five issues comprising the first from 1953 to 1955, more to come.
For February we intend to increase the amount of issues relating to each magazine already present in the collection, with particular attention to the superclassic WEIRD TALES of which we currently have 41 issues (our goal remains to have them all).

WEIRD TALES - May 1932
WEIRD TALES, May 1932 issue.


WEIRD TALES magazine covers


WEIRD TALES - November 1937
WEIRD TALES, November 1937 issue.



To the delight of every western film enthusiast, the classic 1960 blockbusterThe Magnificent Seven“, by John Sturges, now enriches the collection of great pulp films on our site. Below is the original trailer




On the Old Comics page we have added the original Australian CAPTAIN ATOM superhero comic, 5 issues, including the first, from 1948 to 1953 and ROMANTIC STORY, 5 issues from 1954 to 1957.


read CAPTAIN ATOM comics online
CAPTAIN ATOM, February 1948 issue.


Also, we have added 7 SUPER-MYSTERY COMICS (October 1940, November 1940, December 1940, February 1941, April 1941, August 1941 and October 1941) to the two already present in their section. We did not include the June 1941 issue as it was missing the four central pages: we haven’t slept for three nights trying to understand what happened to these pages!

That’s all, friends

See you in March on…




Davide Dana.

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