What’s new – June 2023


A big new feature now appears on our site: starting this month the great FALLOUT radio is available for free, with its music and entertainment all related to the pulp era, live 24/7.

We find this radio’s atmosphere to be great for the “pulp” background of this site, and suggest listening to it while reading, driving, and for daily activities and bedtime activities, too!



You’ll find it every day on our Home Page on the right.

Let’s add that now we feel Pulpmagazines.org really complete, as it offers all forms of entertainment related to the golden age of the pulp era: in addition to radio programs, our site offers information and news, free magazines, audio books, comics, films, restored covers, audio comics, books classics, stories, all in the public domain, legal and absolutely free. And all this is growing over time!



As promised, we have added the historic science fiction magazine SCIENCE WONDER STORIES, our first five issues covering 1929-1930, on the Pulp Magazines To Read page (more to come).
Also, we have almost finished preparing seventeen issues of PLANET STORIES, the interesting popular planetary sci fi magazine distributed between 1939 and 1955. They will be freely available in June on the same page.


Magazine coming in June.



Slowly but steadily we are getting closer to the goal of getting the best 21 restored covers for each year and genre considered. To that end five sci-fi covers (from 1930 to 1952) and one romance cover (1945) were added this month.
We are also considering to create a page showing the covers listed for decades.


March 1952 issue of PLANET STORIES.



The following five have been added to the twenty-six already existing in our Old Comics list:

AMAZING ADVENTURES, in the Marvel version, with the contribution of the great illustrators Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby, all the 6 issues published in 1961;
THE GHOST RIDER, 5 issues from 1950 to 1951;
SPACE ADVENTURES, 5 issues from 1952 to 1959;
ADVENTURES INTO THE UNKNOWN!, 5 issues from 1948 to 1949 and
CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES, 7 issues from 1941 to 1951.

Remember: the amount of issues is going to grow in the next future.


That’s all for now!

See you in July on




Davide Dana.

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