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A new section on pulpmagazines.org:

The brand new Timeless Classics Library page is about to debut on our site this month!
What is that?
It’s a large list of renowned masterpieces that captivate generations of readers since time immemorial, such as, but not limited to, Treasure Island, Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, The Time Machine, etc.



These works will be available through the layout of our site, which can be summed up in two simple words: click and read.
In fact, our users appreciate that they don’t have to waste any time looking for something, as they know it’s all just a click away: no difficult searches, no spaces to fill, no endless pages to turn to reach the part of the text you want to read, no files to download slowing down your device, and no subscription or fees of any kind. It’s all offered in the most suitable way for all devices.
The Timeless Classics Library is no different, and will be available in the same fashion as our list of pulp magazines page: everything at your fingertips.
If interested, you can take a look at the preview containing the first six volumes here.
You will find this section in the next few days in our Home Page on the right side.



Back to pulp magazines, November saw the addition of the intriguing MODERN MECHANIX AND INVENTIONS to our collection, with five issues from the 1930s.
Also added the December 1929 issue of SEA STORIES in its section.


SEA STORIES - December 1929
December 1929 issue of SEA STORIES



The section dedicated to pulp covers now includes two new chapter entries: the first concerns pulp magazines of all genres selected by year, 137 covers for now, and the second the periodicals dedicated to romance and love stories, 51 covers for now. Also, 11 science fiction covers (from 1932 to 1979), 1 western cover (1934) and 1 horror cover (1935) now enrich the collection.



Six issues of Shadow Comics dating back to 1940 have been added to our comics section.





The interesting “People Minus X” by Raymond Z. Gallun (1957) is now available in our Science Fiction Audiobook list.
Also, 7 audio comic books have been added to their section.

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We wish you happy holidays!

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