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With the spicy PRIVATE DETECTIVE STORIES (1937-1950) we will reach in June the hundredth magazine available for free on our Pulp Magazines To Read list.
We are very pleased with this result that comes in the middle of our fifth year of existence online (Pulpmagazines.org debuted in fact in February 2018 after a trial period of four months as Pulpmagazinesthrilling). Now, at the top five for the US Google search, we are continuing to work to offer an ever better experience and we have the certainty of having succeeded in at least two respects.
First, we are the only site devoted to pulp magazines that features only high quality covers….a real joy for the sight.
Second, the sharpness of the pages in superior PDF version and the easy navigation within our magazines have no equal in the field. Other sites offer the magazines in PDF version (flipbook mode features a slightly lower detail), but you have to download them first; only at pulpmagazines.org you can read the PDFs directly, saving memory and time.
Moreover, you are free from the real challenge of browsing the flipbook when looking for your favorite story (ask anyone who has tried…): on our site you only have to scroll the pages, in the most natural and suitable way for any device.
Others find additional advantages, but we stop here not to bore the reader.





The May 12, 1883 issue of THE GOLDEN ARGOSY magazine contains an interesting story, actually occurred, about an abduction happened in Pennsylvania in the old pioneer days.
For those who don’t know the story of little Frances Slocum (fortunately ended well), I suggest this R. M. Hawthorne reporting for its immersive and robust narration. Note that, regrettably, some stereotype about the Native Americans is present at the start of the story, but later the prejudice is overwhelmed by some empathy towards their condition and humanity. You can read the story here.


GOLDEN ARGOSY - May 12, 1883



This past month we’ve put 11 issues of LOVE STORY MAGAZINE (April 11, 1931; April 25, 1931; May 9, 1931; May 23, 1931; July 18, 1931; December 12, 1931; March 10, 1934; March 30, 1935; February 22, 1936; October 17, 1936; May 8, 1937) and 1 ARGOSY (December 1, 1934) in their respective sections.
Also five issues of SCIENCE FICTION QUARTERLY (from 1940 to 1957) are now in the Pulp Magazines To Read page.

As said above, the spicy PRIVATE DETECTIVE STORIES is scheduled for June.



28 front pages have been added to the collection: 19 Western covers from 1885 to 1939, 4 sci fi covers from 1935 to 1977 and 5 Horror covers from 1934 to 1959.

That’s all for now!

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