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About war: we confess that we prefer it on printed paper.
Also in eBook or Kindle version is fine, but definitley not in its real version (except if a new Hitler appears on the horizon).
Thus, magazines such as FIGHTING ACES or WAR BIRDS will certainly be included on our site in the future but as we speak, with the ongoing Ukrainian crisis, we feel that this is not the right time to add them. This is instead the perfect time to include in our Pulp Magazines To Read section the magazine on the paranormal FATE, debuted in 1948, of which we’ve put this past week our first five issues from 1948 to 1960. Other issues of the same period are coming for March.


FATE - May 1953
FATE, issue of May 1953



In their respective pages we added the following magazines:

– 2 ADVENTURE (March 1916; January 3, 1921), total 23 for now.
– 5 AMAZING STORIES (August 1936; October 1942; April 1959; July 1960; November 1960), total 50.
– 1 BLACK MASK (January 1947), total 12, and
– 1 SHORT STORIES (July 25, 1948), total 11.

For March we plan to put an interesting precursor of book clubs, the great pulp crime TWO COMPLETE DETECTIVE BOOKS first released in 1939.






pulp magazine art coversOur goal remains to get the best 21 restored covers for each year considered. To this end, in february we’ve put 11 sci fi covers (1926 – 1960) and 8 western covers (1883 – 1949).

Finally, we remind you that you can always ask to insert the magazines that interest you most simply by emailing us at hello@pulpmagazines.org: we will try to accommodate your wish (free service).

That’s all!

See you next month on





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