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2021 was very productive at pulpmagazines.org.
The year that has just ended saw the number of our magazines double, and roughly the same we can say regarding the restored covers, the audiobooks, the films and some other features on our site.
All this was also very gratifying for us: actually we have every intention of continuing this way in 2022 too, since our goal remains to catch all the pulp magazines available online, restore their covers and offer them to our users for free.



This past month we were able to add in their respective sections:

– 3 GHOST STORIES (January 1927, October 1928, June 1929), for a total of 8 issues for now
– 3 ADVENTURE (October 1911; March 20, 1925; June 20, 1925), total 16
– 4 AMAZING STORIES (Summer 1929, September 1930, December 1934, June 1965), total 45
– 1 HORROR STORIES (August 1937), total 5, and
– 1 BLACK MASK (UK edition, November 1952), total 11.

Also, as announced last month, a new entry is now on our Pulp Magazines To Read list: the great FANTASTIC ADVENTURES, with 5 issues from 1939 to 1951.

For this coming month we plan to add to the list the “King of the Pulps” BLUE BOOK MAGAZINE, regarded at the time as one of the Big Four (the other three being SHORT STORIES, ARGOSY and ADVENTURE). A multitude of great authors appeared on its pages from 1905 to 1975, including Agatha Christie, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Georges Simenon and Robert A. Heinlein among others. Many genres were proposed by the magazine, comprising science fiction (notably the first edition of “When Worlds Collide”, 1932), mystery, sea stories, western, adventure (including many original Tarzan stories), historical fiction and even early spy stories and supernatural.


blue book magazine covers



Further 52 covers have been added to our Pulp Covers section: 18 science fiction (from 1927 to 1979), 10 horror (from 1928 to 1943) and 24 western (from 1920 to 1950).

Finally, as some of you may have noticed, we have inserted in our main page the 2022 best pulp calendars, featuring cover art and illustrations by great artists like Norman Saunders, Frank R. Paul, Norm Eastman and Stanley Borack. You can find them here.

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happy new year!


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