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The more shrewd among you will have noticed an important news occurred on pulpmagazines.org during the last three weeks, one that we had not anticipated in our last post: that is the entry of the renowned sci fi magazine IF, also known as “Worlds of If”, in our collection of Pulp Magazines To Read with 25 issues, for now, starting from the first one (1952) to those of the ’70s.


IF - June 1955


Edited by Frederik Pohl in the magazines’s heyday (1962-1969), it won three consecutive Hugo Awards for the years 1966-67-68, thus ousting the previous ANALOG leadership. Surely this is a good occasion to appreciate many science fiction works (and some masterpiece) by such authors as Robert A. Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Harlan Ellison and Arthur C. Clarke among others.
If…only we could get them all! Well, why not? Giving time to time…



As promised last month, two more pulps expand our Pulp Magazines To Read list: the three issues of SAUCY STORIES available online (May 1919, February 1921, August 1922) and the single issue of GIRL’S DETECTIVE MYSTERIES (1936). For October we will try to put the interesting MARVEL SCIENCE STORIES magazine, in both its pre-war and post-war versions.




As regards the other magazines already on the list, we’ve added further 8 issues: 6 ASTOUNDING STORIES (September 1930, September 1931, October 1931, May 1935, July 1935, November 1938) and 2 ARGOSY (November 1908, October 25, 1930, this latter comprising the first part of “THE SNAKE MOTHER” by Abraham Merritt).



We have expanded the Audiobook List having added 13 more works. Among them: THE RAVEN (Edgar Allan Poe, 1845), THE CURSE OF CAPISTRANO (aka “The Mark of Zorro”, first Zorro story by Johnston McCulley, 1919), CAPTAIN BLOOD (Rafael Sabatini, 1922), THE PHOENIX ON THE SWORD (first Conan the Barbarian story by Robert E. Howard, 1932), and the classic novels ROBINSON CRUSOE (Daniel Defoe, 1719) and CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS (Rudyard Kipling, 1896).
For the future we intend to improve the graphic aspect and create single pages for each genre.



We have re-introduced the classic adventure film “SOULS AT SEA” (1937), with Gary Cooper and George Raft.
At the moment there are 38 movies on our list: like all the features on our site, pulp movies too are absolutely free.



We’ve added 1 cover from 1888 on the Western list and 10 covers, from 1952 to 1964, on the Science Fiction list.

We conclude remembering that you can always ask for specific magazines or issues to be added on our site. Just email your request to hello@pulpmagazines.org and we’ll think about it. It’s free!

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