What’s new – September 2021

Hi friends!
We hope you had a great time this August summer holidays. Between a drink and a tan we kept working, here at pulpmagazines.org, and now we are pleased to report the upgrades put in effect this past month on our website


Our Pulp Magazines To Read section landed its 84th hit, the romantic LOVE SHORT STORIES magazine with 6 restored issues from 1943 to 1951; it ideally accompanies the other two ladies’ magazines in our list, EXCITING LOVE and Street & Smith’s LOVE STORY.
Scheduled for September is a totally different themed periodical, the peppery SAUCY STORIES, with three issues from 1919, 1921 and 1922


saucy stories WHAT'S NEW - SEPTEMBER 2021


Also scheduled for September is the unusual (for the times) GIRL’S DETECTIVE MYSTERIES, first and only issue released in October 1936





13 issues have been added to their own lists, namely:

ASTOUNDING STORIES, 2 issues (January 1936, February 1937)
AIR WONDER STORIES, 1 issue (April 1930)
AMAZING STORIES, 5 issues (October 1937, November 1950, December 1955, January 1972, March 1976)
THE STRAND, 1 issue (January 1924, notable for the first edition of the Sherlock Holmes story “The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire”)
ADVENTURE, 3 issues (December 1914; May 20, 1924; July 30, 1925;) and
SPICY STORIES 1 issue (July 1937).

An extremely varied offer!



Finally, we added further 45 restored covers in their sections, precisely 23 western covers (from 1904 to 1965) and 22 science fiction covers (from 1930 to 1979).

That’s it for now.

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