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This past month we added a total of 33 issues on our Pulp Magazines To Read section, namely:

– 10 issues in the AMAZING STORIES section (October 1928, March 1929, February 1930, October 1948, March 1951, February 1961, May 1962, February 1964, March 1973, October 1977);

– 12 issues in the ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION section (February 1930, March 1930, April 1930, May 1932, April 1934, July 1934, September 1934, December 1937, October 1938, October 1944, April 1945, November 1950);

– 2 issues in the ACTION STORIES section (October 1942, Spring 1948), and

– 4 issues in THE GOLDEN ARGOSY section (1883).

Also, we’ve put 5 issues of the new entry GOLDEN FLEECE, the magazine dedicated to historical adventures released in 1938.
As we want to indulge our sentimental vein, we’ve scheduled for August the gorgeous LOVE SHORT STORIES magazine (not suitable for those who like durable relationships).

love short stories magazine


We had to remove a couple of films from our PULP MOVIES list as they were no longer available. In their place we put three other movies: the classic British horror THE GHOUL (1933), the sci-fi masterpiece THIS ISLAND EARTH (1955) and the captivating FIRST SPACESHIP ON VENUS (1960). As always, all the films in our site do not contain advertising and are absolutely free.



Also this past month we added 5 restored covers (from 1931 to 1964) in the Selected Sci Fi Covers section and 13 covers in the Western section (from 1883 to 1950).



Ever dreamed of being able to move objects at a distance, or even to fly? If the subject intrigues you I suggest you read the story “The Elemental”, by a young Frank Belknap Long, published in the July 1939 issue of UNKNOWN. You can find it here (just select the second part of the magazine). In 1975 the author gave an interesting speech at the first World Fantasy Convention which took place at Providence (RI); you can listen to the recording below


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