What’s new – July 2021


A great return for every pulp magazine fan is on the way: the “PULPFEST celebrating Mystery, Adventure, Science Fiction and more…” awaits all interested people at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Pittsburgh–Cranberry, PA, on August 19-22, 2021. This is a summertime pulp tradition since 1972! You can read an interesting TRIBLIVE article about the event here or go directly to the organiser’s site here.





Big news for our site, too! The number of pulp magazines available is steadily growing: in June we added on our Pulp Magazines To Read page six AMAZING STORIES (February 1928, March 1935, February 1946, November 1951, June 1967, August 1974), four STAR WESTERN (April 1944, November 1947, February 1948, April 1952) and four ADVENTURE (September 1911, November 1915, July 18, 1918 and August 3, 1919).
Also, the exciting new entry DUSTY AYRES AND HIS BATTLE BIRDS, five issues from 1934-1935, enriches now our list. In case someone hasn’t heard of it, here is an interesting introduction:



For this month we are considering adding to the list the 83rd pulp: the historical adventure magazine GOLDEN FLEECE (US edition), of which just nine issues were published from 1938 to 1939.


golden fleece magazine



Our Pulp Movies list is now more complete, having we matched the original and restored theatrical poster with each film listed. Remember: all the classic movies on the list are selected for the best available visual quality, do not contain advertising and are absolutely free (as all the features on our site).



This last month we have added 6 restored sci fi covers, from 1940 to 1977, and 12 western from 1914 to 1953. We are aiming to have 21 restored covers for each year: week after week the goal is getting closer. And for later we are already thinking about adding all the existing genres.

That’s all.

See you next month and have a great time!


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