What’s new – February 2021

Someone asked us why we spend time in restoring pages and covers while other websites do not. There are many reasons, not least the pleasure of seeing bright and sharp pulp covers; but there is one more reason. Last January 27th the world commemorated the International Remembrance Day about the Holocaust; naturally we welcome all the videos and images broadcasted on TV and posted online about this tragedy. However it seemed to us that often the material suggested was in some way distant, offering a vision of a world completely different from us, as to say dead and buried. Actually it was not so much different (as readers of pulp magazines know). Despite the storm of the war, the rest of the mostly unaware people could, if they wanted to, read fashion and sports magazines, listen to radio shows, watch Popeye and Mickey Mouse color cartoons on screen and talk about the coming television. While people were stored in gas chambers and hundreds of thousands of children put into the ovens, the rest of the world didn’t live in an outdated, dark and dusty world like the one we see on TV these days: they were living in a world quite similar to ours. So, in proposing restored covers we want to highlight, by way of contrast, the enormity and the actuality of the evil committed (sorry for the tough address). That’s our little way to let the memory survive.

Returning to Pulpmagazines.org, also this month has seen an increase in our site. The Pulp Magazines to Read page has now two more magazines in the list: Leo Margulies’s THRILLING ADVENTURES, six issues from 1931 to 1934, and the british crime magazine THE THRILLER, five issues from 1929 (more to come). For this month of February we plan to add to the list the Sherlock Holmes inspired LONDON MYSTERY MAGAZINE (1949-1982) plus five more issues of WEIRD TALES and AMAZING STORIES in their respective sections.




The Selected Sci Fi Covers page has now 15 more covers, ranging from 1929 to 1979; we are considering to expand the collection to include the whole span of the twentieth century.

All the issues of AMAZING STORIES and THE MAGIC CARPET in our site have been switched to PDF mode; the remaining issues still in Flipbook mode amount now to 29 (7 SHORT STORIES, 4 STARTLING STORIES, 5 DIME MYSTERY, 3 FIFTEEN WESTERN TALES and 10 LOVE STORY). When the switching is finished we will be able to add many more magazines per month than now.

It’s all for now.

See you next month, and keep on with good readings on www.pulpmagazines.org!


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