What’s new – January 2021

Hi all!
This troubled 2020 finally has come to an end. It goes without saying that we all hope for a better 2021, always remembering to stay safe as, in order to read pulp magazines, to be alive is a strictly necessary condition.

Here at Pulpmagazines we have further increased the amount of issues, covers and other features. Specifically, our site now includes:
– The seventy-third magazine on our Pulp Magazines to Read page: we are talking of SCOOPS, the first British science fiction magazine, coming directly from 1934; seven issues are present for now, and eight more are coming
– A new audiobook featuring the complete reading of the first issue of ASTOUNDING STORIES from January 1930 (you’ll find it in our home page on the right)
– 13 restored sci fi covers from 1934 to 1977 in the Selected Sci Fi Covers page
– One more issue of WEIRD TALES (September 1926) on the Weird Tales page
– Two more issues of THRILLS INCORPORATED, comprising the first one, on its dedicated page
– 16 more issues switched to PDF mode (all the WEIRD TALES, THRILLS INCORPORATED, THE SHADOW and THE STRAND currently present on our site plus the second issue of AMAZING STORIES).
The remaining issues still in Flipbook mode amount now to 39; the day we’ll finish the switching will make it possible the adding of far more magazines every month compared to now.

For this month of January we are planning to place two more magazines on our Pulp Magazines to Read page:

the British crime weekly THE THRILLER, debuted in 1929 and featuring stories by Edgar Wallace, Stacey Blake and an early Leslie Charteris with his carachter “The Saint



and the great “pulp” THRILLING ADVENTURES, founded in 1931 and featuring works by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, Louis L’Amour, L. Ron Hubbard and other authors of the venture, sports and western genres.




It’s all for now.
See you next month of February, and remember:
a timeless reading pleasure awaits you on Pulpmagazines.org!


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