What’s new – October 2020

Week after week pulpmagazines.org continues to grow. Three new magazines enrich now the list on our Pulp Magazines to Read page: they are STIRRING SCIENCE STORIES, all the four existing issues from 1941/42; CAPTAIN SATAN, two issues from 1938 and THE BLACK CAT, five issues comprising the first from 1895. As always we will work to increase the amount of the issues of each magazine until all available numbers are entered.
In the works now and scheduled for this month of October 2020 are William Clayton’s FIVE NOVELS MAGAZINE (a good chance to read stories of longer lenght) and Ziff Davis Amazing Stories companion FANTASTIC SCIENCE FICTION.




Five sci-fi covers have been added on our Selected Sci Fi Covers page, spanning from 1939 to 1968.

Two issues of TERROR TALES have been switched from Flipbook mode to Google PDF Viewer mode. The remaining issues to be changed amount now to 78.

We started to publish the first of a series of articles aimed to attract the interest of those who love to read good stories but, unfortunate them, have no idea of the existence of pulp magazines (yes, there are people who really don’t know them!). This article will be followed by at least nine more covering specific aspects of the wonderful world of reading, with a focus on reporting the best websites that deal with each specific argument. It will be, naturally, an opportunity to show our approach to it.

This month we have reached a new record regarding the number of users of this website. We are now in the third year of existence (out of a total of three hundred programmed…). Thank you all for your dedication, let’s continue to read and dream together!

See you in November

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