What’s new – September 2020

This uncommon summer is nearing the end.
We hope all of you enjoyed a big summer fun despite all (naturally this comprises reading big pulp stories!).
Our work didn’t stop, anyway, so we managed to make grow further our site by adding many interesting features. These includes:

– three new “pulps” in our Pulp Magazines to Read Page (Hugo Gernsback’s AIR WONDER STORIES, 1929-1930, five issues comprising the first one; MAMMOTH MYSTERY, five issues from 1946-1947 and DETECTIVE FICTION WEEKLY, five issues from 1931 to 1938);
– four more Sci-Fi covers, from 1929 to 1953;
– a new audiobook in our main page, “The Mystery of Room 666” by Jacques Futrelle, 1910;
– “The Black Castle“, a great Horror/Mystery movie from 1952, also in our main page;
– three issues of SHORT STORIES now changed in PDF Viewer mode. The switching of the remaining 80 magazines still in Flipbook mode is in the works.




This month of September should see the entries of three new magazines currently undergoing restoration, namely STIRRING SCIENCE STORIES, the high-level Futurian’s semi-pro magazine from 1941-1942, CAPTAIN SATAN, former and forerunner of “Strange Detective Stories” from 1938 (only such a case in the “pulp” history), and THE BLACK CAT, the intriguing magazine specialized in “unusual” stories first published in the late nineteenth century.
It’s all for now. Stay tuned and as always…
enjoy a great reading pleasure on www.pulpmagazines.org!


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