What’s new – August 2020

A big hello to all.
Pulpmagazines.org has grown steadily, recently. This month 23 more issues enriched our collection, thus further increasing the amount of available magazines to choose.
Namely they are: FIFTEEN SPORTS STORIES, five issues from 1949 to 1952; SECRET SERVICE, the classical detective-story weekly, five issues from 1899 to 1906; TALES OF WONDER, five issues of the British top-level sci-fi magazine from 1937 to 1941; Street & Smith’s SEA STORIES, four issues from 1923 to 1930, and three issues of the 1950s EXCITING LOVE magazine.
We have added, too, the December 1939 issue of AMAZING STORIES on its dedicated page.


Our work is proceeding at full speed. Currently we are committed to the restoration of MAMMOTH MYSTERY, of which we’ll put various issues in the Pulp Magazines to Read page in the coming weeks. We are planning to add AIR WONDER STORIES and DETECTIVE FICTION WEEKLY, too, within the month.


We take the opportunity to thank the readers who listened to our call in the previous articles: by solely opening the ads on this site, or by shopping on Amazon or Ebay through our Pulp Magazines for Sale page, they helped us to pay for the recurrent fees, thus increasing the chances for this site to remain online.


The upgrade to PDF Viewer mode goes on: this month we’ve switched 9 more issues (mainly of WEIRD TALES), reducing so the total of magazines still in Flipbook mode to 83.


Finally, eight more vintage Sci-Fi covers, from 1928 to 1977, have been added to the Selected Sci Fi Covers page.
It’s all, for now.
Stay tuned…a lot of great reading pleasure is coming on www.pulpmagazines.org!


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