What’s new – July 2020

Hi all!

Two very important innovations have seen the light on our site these days. First, from now on it will be possible to buy original pulp magazines through our Pulp Magazines For Sale page, in addition to the sole reprints available till now. Our new affiliation with Ebay, the best for private direct sales, makes now possible for the user to choose between the two options.

Second, we have started to change the magazines currently displayed in Flipbook mode to Google PDF viewer. This for three reasons: to offer a sharper view of the page, to simplify the navigation of the magazine, and to make room on our hosting server so to accelerate the loading speed of our pages. Some one third of the magazines on our site are still in Flipbook mode (…not so bad, but Google PDF viewer is better!), we have switched out seven of them out of 99 (six issues of WEIRD TALES and the first issue of AMAZING STORIES). Finishing the job will require some time, thus we estimate to change the remaining 92 in the next two-three months.

As for the “pulps” listed in our Pulp Magazines To Read page, we managed to add three new entries: IMAGINATIVE TALES (five issues for now), MAMMOTH ADVENTURE (three issues) and BLACK BOOK DETECTIVE (five issues). This last one bears an interesting side note: during the second half of its existence its recurrent character was named Black Bat, he wore a black mask covering the entire skull, leaving visible only a pair of magnetic eyes, and had a special dark cape looking like a couple of wings. Undoubtedly the resemblance with the Batman character was noticeable, starting from the name itself. Both debuted around the same time (May and July 1939), and their respective creators contended his paternity for a certain period. But the fact is that an earlier Black Bat with similar characteristics had appeared before the two, precisely in 1933 on six issues of his dedicated magazine, the Berryman Press “Black Bat Detective Mysteries”. Author of all the stories was a young Murray Leinster (William Fitzgerald Jenkins).

Returning to us, we are currently working on the restoration of the 54th magazine in our Pulp Magazines To Read list: that is FIFTEEN SPORTS STORIES, of which you can see a preview here:




Also we have added sixteen covers to our Selected Sci Fi Covers page, ranging from 1954 to 1974. Finally, you will find in our Home Page an interesting documentary about Mort Kunstler, “the godfather of pulp fiction illustrators”.

It’s all, for now.

Have a good time and as always enjoy a great timeless reading pleasure on Pulpmagazines.org.

See you next month!


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