What’s new – May 2020

Hi everybody.
Issues linked to the COVID-19 emergency caused a slowdown in the growth of the material in our site. However we have been able to add one more magazine in our Pulp Magazines to Read page: we are referring to the marvelous magazine Fantastic Novels, released in 1940-41, of which we are currently working on the restoring of a third additional issue. Two more sci-fi covers have been added in the Selected Sci-Fi Covers page, respectively from 1938 and 1946. An interesting documentary about the 1933 first King Kong is now available on the right sidebar in our Home Page: in our opinion the fan who created it made indeed an excellent work.

Some user asked us why we use to split the magazines, from time to time, in two or three parts. The answer is that the PDF viewer provided by Google allows a direct view only if the size of the file doesn’t exceed the 100 MB. From 101 MB onwards, the only way to read the magazine is to download it, as many people experienced when trying to open them in other sites. So we allow the user, you, to directly read the magazines without overloading the space available in your device and without loss of time. And of course you can download the issues anytime you want.

This site relies on ads.
If you like our contents and wish to help us to pay for our annual running costs, you have two ways:
1) Without paying: simply open the ads from time to time and stay there for a few seconds (not for the Amazon ads).
2) If you are in the habit of shopping on Amazon, you could make your purchases through our Pulp Magazines For Sale page: in the blank space below the first advertisings you can search for any item you wish, not necessarily related to pulp magazines.
Doing so will make easier for pulpmagazines.org to stay online for the next hundred years.

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