What’s new – April 2020

Hi, everyone. We hope you are all okay.

All this mess will end one day.
Then, we can expect some changes in our life. The notion of social distancing has gained ground and it hardly will be fully deleted. The new awareness of our frailty will prompt many to reconsider the way we live in this world.
More down-to-earth, we will probably notice a temporary rise of problems related to overweight, due to the lockdown. And, naturally, an increase of pregnancies too. Many will re-discover the pleasure of reading, or maybe discover it at all, and pulp magazines could earn some points, too. So that’s a bit of silver lining.

We have worked hard this month, and now we can proudly announce that we have added five more pulp magazines in our list: five issues of “Mammoth Detective” from 1943-1946, seven issues of “Star Western” from 1934-1949 (many more are coming), five issues of “New Nick Carter Weekly” from 1897 plus an issue of “Nick Carter Stories” from 1914, and six issues of “Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine” from the Sixties. As always, the covers show the best quality available. Also we have added four issues in the Jungle Stories page, bringing them to a total of ten. It was our intention to get many issues of “Midnight Mystery Stories” from the 1920s; sadly, right issues prevented us from obtaining them. We hope, however, to get the magazine in the future. Currently we are working on the restoration of some issues of “Fantastic Novels”, the Munsey Company’s pulp magazine from 1940-1941: they will appear on our Pulp Magazines to Read page the next weeks. Also are in the works issues of “Mystery” and “Walt Coburn’s Western Magazine”. Finally, we suggest our month’s pulp movie “They Rode West”, a technicolor classic directed by Phil Karlson in 1954; you can find it in our Home Page in the right sidebar. It’s all for now, see you in May!

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