What’s new – March 2020


It’s been a really productive month on our site. Many magazines have been added on our Pulp Magazines to Read page, among them five issues of ACTION STORIES from 1926 to 1947, various issues of DETECTIVE TALES and JUNGLE STORIES (of which we are currently working on the restoration of more four issues), the last two issues of Hugo Gernsback’s SCIENCE FICTION PLUS and six issues of STRANGE STORIES, one of the main competitors of the more famous WEIRD TALES magazine.









We are planning to post an article about such rival magazines, since they too offered a fair number of great authors (such Eric Frank Russell, Robert Bloch, August Derleth and Jack Williamson among others) and very interesting works. As you can see, the amount of pulp magazines available is constantly growing: we are working to make the offer as complete as it can be (and we’re having fun in the meanwhile!).
A new audiobook is now available in our Home Page: you can listen “Tarzan and the Golden Lion“, the ninth Tarzan story by E.R.Burroughs, appeared for the first time on Argosy All-Story Weekly in December 1922. Also a new Pulp Movie is available in the same page: Alan James’s “The Phantom“, a great mystery film released in December 1931 (more info in the related Wikipedia page).

For the next future we are considering to add a special “Pulp Comics” section: it will be structured in the same way of our “Pulp Magazines to Read” section, as we consider its setup ideal for fast navigation and quick finding.

Finally, a last word about the advertisings on our site. This site relies on ads, so if you like our contents and want to help us to pay for our annual running costs, you have two ways:
1) Without paying: simply open the ads from time to time and stay there for a few seconds (not for the Amazon ads).
2) If you are in the habit of shopping on Amazon, you could make your purchases through our Pulp Magazines For Sale page: in the blank space below the first line you can search for any item you wish, not necessarily related to pulp magazines.
Doing so will make easier for pulpmagazines.org to stay online for the next hundred years.

See you in April!


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