What’s new – February 2020



Hello to all readers.

Many new releases were made available on this site during the last month. We’ve completed the restoration of four issues of HORROR STORIES magazine from 1935 and 1940, comprising the number 1, and they are now available in our Pulp Magazine To Read section. Also available now are the first five issues, out of a total of seven, of SCIENCE FICTION PLUS, the renowned 1953 magazine edited by Hugo Gernsback; we are working on the last two issues and we’ll include them in the next weeks. Finally, for now, we added the only published issue of UNCANNY STORIES magazine, released in 1941 (not to be confused with UNCANNY TALES magazine, which also we are planning to insert). With these three publications we have brought to 34 the total of available magazines. It’s not our intention to stop here: as mentioned earlier we don’t put limits to the amount of “pulps” we want to insert, so we are endeavouring to track down ALL the magazines available online (boom!). Surely it will take time, but we are patient and constant.


New covers have been added to the Selected Sci-Fi Covers section, specifically from 1942, 1953, 1972 and 1979. Our aim is to publish the best 21 covers for each year, from the release of the first science-fiction magazine to 1979. We do not exclude to expand the amount of the covers and selected years in the future.


Finally, a question for our followers. Here is the thing: from the start we put great value to the restauration of the front and back pages; this surely added quality to our site, but also resulted in a slower increase in the amount of the available magazines, now some five-ten issues per month. Renouncing the renovation would lead to a faster increase, probably fourty-fifty issues per month (nothing forbids us to restore the covers later). So our question is: do you want more magazines per month regardless of the quality of the cover (they will be restored at a later time)?
Yes, that’s not a problem.
No, I like the high quality of the covers.
This survey expires on March 31, 2020.
It’s all for now, see you in March. Best regards from the best pulpsite!

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