What’s new – January 2020



Hi, folks! Lately we’ve been busy in boosting the amount of material we offer in our site, so we had to temporarily postpone the drafting of our specialized articles. Our efforts have led to an increase in the volume of available pulp magazines, having us added issues of THRILLING WONDER STORIES, THE SPIDER and COLLEGE HUMOR over the last month, thus leading to a total of 31 different magazines to choose from (so far). Currently we are working on the selection and restoring of HORROR STORIES, the famous eerie magazine from the thirties.


Also in the work are three (for now) humor stories for our “Short Stories & Great Fiction” section: Humor is going to be the tenth genre you can choose from in this page, after the current available Mystery, Science Fiction, Adventure, Western, Horror, Spicy, Occult, Aviation and Fantasy. We are planning to offer all the existing pulp genres in our page, so we are working to add in the next weeks Oriental, Railroad, Romance, Hero Pulps, War and Sports stories too.


As many of you probably have noticed, there are two different ways to read the magazines in our site: Flipbook and PDF Viewer. At first we started to put the magazines using only the Flipbook mode, but after some time we realized that in this way we were rapidly running out of space and we didn’t want to compress the files to save space but at the same time lose quality. So we opted for the PDF Viewer developed by Google, as it offers the BEST quality without affecting the amount of space available from our host server. More than half of the magazines in our site are now available in PDF Viewer mode, and we are planning to replace the remaining issues in the same way. We don’t put limits to the quantity of pulp magazines we want to insert here, and now this goal can be reached.


We have a question to submit to our readers. Probably many of you know the magazine “FATE”, the renowned publication dedicated to paranormal phenomena, UFOs, ghosts, telepathy and similar, released from 1948 to 2009. We find the issues from the first three decades very fascinating, for the discussed subjects and for their pleasant layout too. You can find an example from 1960 here:


FATE - JULY 1960


Someone could argue that the periodical in question was not strictly a pulp magazine (yes, it wasn’t), but the issues from the first period surely retain the atmosphere of them. So our question is: would you like to find issues of FATE magazine at www.pulpmagazines.org? Please select:
No. It’s off-topic.
Yes! It’s great!
until February 29, 2020.
It’s all for now. See you next month, and all the best from the best pulpsite!



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