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Sure, reading on-line editions of your favorite vintage magazine is great. Let’s just think of the huge amount of material you can get upon a low or null payment, or the ease of scrolling the pages and watch them on the screen, not to mention the saving of space, but…how to renounce the superb feeling of holding in hand a real and concrete piece of work, a solid magazine in all his vintage glory? Our opinion is: both options are good. Both have a great number of benefits and some minor disadvantages. Having you arrived here, we suppose you are more interested in getting the concrete copies, with all the inevitable and lovely signs of time, either originals or replicas. So, how to get copies of your preferred pulp magazine? Here are some tips that can help you to save some time when you do web searches.

First and foremost, a good idea is to refer to our list of pulp magazines for sale: you will find here the best available and updated offer of vintage pulps nowadays accessible on the online market. We take particular care to make them regularly updated and selected so to make easier to do the best choice avoiding excessively high-priced or sold out items.
You can chose between originals and reprints, as you can see in the images below: just click on them or on the “Select a Magazine” button and make your choice.


pulp magazines for sale on ebay






pulp magazines for sale on Amazon








You can also refer to a website specialized mostly in original magazines: “Vintage Pulps” has in this page http://www.vintagepulps.com/st… a great amount of old issues for sale, selected by genre and at a quite honest price. Incidentally, a great referring guide to get an affordable price-evaluation, plus a lot of interesting information, is available here: http://www.oldsfbooks.com/pulp… . Among other things, the guide specifies the value of the magazines by three different grades of wearing, so it is very useful if any of you has the opportunity to reach some local used book store.

Returning to replicas, another good site where you can get a large amount of issues, listed in chronological order, of magazines such “The Shadow“, “Doc Savage“, “The Spider“, “Nick Carter” and many others is “The Shadow’s Sanctum”, which trading page can be found here: http://www.shadowsanctum.com/p…. Incidentally, choosing to buy reprints could well be a great idea, as you can get items that offer the same immersion of the originals but at a generally less expensive price. Moreover, you can get rid of the need for excessive care in preserving them, as the magazines, in their physical substance, are brand new.

Here a list of other sites to pick the best:










A last word. It could be an interesting option to consider the possibility of self-printing the copies you are interested in, especially if the price of them results excessive, as for number ones or very rare issues. This can be done in a real easy way simply by downloading the copies in PDF format (a good source is our Pulp Magazines To Read page) and giving them to a professional printing shop in a USB key or directly from smartphone via Bluetooth. Getting the first issue of “Amazing Stories” with his color front page cost us some 17 dollars (in 2018). So, if the interested issue has a price of 100 dollars or more this could be a good option.


Self-printed copy of the first issue of Amazing Stories


And yes, I agree: surely is better to posses real printed pulp magazines, so let’s search for the sale. However…(digital options in the next article).


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  1. Any science-fiction magazine in 1957? I am asking this because I am born in that year. Thanks in advance

    1. Well, considering just sci-fi magazines published in the USA that year, there were about 21 of them, of which at least 3 currently issued nowadays. Namely, they are (2017) Analog Science Fiction, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction and the renovated version of Weird Tales. Have a great gripping reading day!

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